Key Focus:


It has been my passion to study the Bible. Through the books of Daniel and Revelation God has revealed His magnificent plan of salvation. Our God Will Provide will take you through prophetic studies unveiling future events soon to be fulfilled. The content is fearful and thrilling; filled with directives and dangers.


Join me in this unfolding adventure!


"The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth, but it is a part of the gospel to warn the sinner of the doom that awaits the unbelieving and unrepentant soul."

{ST April 18, 1895}


The real question is - are the four horses of Revlation evil? Let's find out!

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When you read Revelation, does it put you to sleep? Are you ready to see and understand?

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When travelling to a new place you need a map, just like with exploring Daniel and Revelation.

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About the Author

“Paul Haynes lives in Idaho and is part of the health care profession. He

wrote this book in hopes that readers will understand more fully what is

written in Revelation 4 through 6. It is his desire that all who read this book

will choose life instead of the doom that awaits the unrepentant soul.”